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This is my wonderful privacy policy. Since this is a private Homepage, this shouldn`t be necessary, just like the imprint, but nevermind...

I take the data protection very serious, this is also the reason why there is no content on this site that is prone to undermine ones privacy. No cookies, no tracking pixel, no social media contents - oldscool!

You can find a detaild version of my privacy policy on the right side. I believe I have done everything to crate this side as privacy friendly as possible. However, it is so that the server does write logfiles like any other out there. More on this topic one findes on the right side. I hope that now privacy is served enough and I can go back to my workbench!
Privacy Policy
This webpage can be used without supplying any personal information. This is a private homepage with static content. There are no login or commenting features. Furthermore the embedding of social-media contents like videos, like-buttons or similar objects has been intentionally avoided.

1. Person responsible:
The person responsible according to the data protection act is:

Email: Adresse bitte abschreiben.

2. Server-Logs:
The webserver on which this webpage is hosted, automatically logs Data on every page retrieval. This Data contains:
- IP-Address
- Access time and date
- Requested content (URL)
- Refering webpage (URL)
- Browser-Type/Version
- OS-Type/Version

This Data is automatically transmitted by the webbrowser of the requesting party and will be logged by the webserver inside a logfile until the logfile is deleted automatically. The logging takes place for technical reasons in order to ensure the proper operation of this webpage. Furthermore the logging happens in order to be able to investigate possible criminal activity against this webpage or the webserver. In principle, the mentioned Data does not allow conclusions towards specific individuals, but prosecution authorities may be able to trace the contained IP-Address back to a specific internet connection.

The mentioned Data is not analyzed or merged with other data sources. Also the Data is not passed to any third party. However, I reserve my right to check the logs to investigate technical faults or when I suspect criminal activity against this webpage.

3. Email Contact:
If you contact me via email, then your email address together with the details you passed on to me are stored for possible further questions. (please note that my Email inbox is no backup, I might consider to delete your information early!)

4. Hyperlinks:
This webpage contains links to other websides (hyperlinks). Please note that I do not have any influence on the contents of those websites. Furthermore I do not have any influence on the observance of the data protection statute on those webpages.

5. Right to access, right on deletion und and objection:
You have the right to gain access to any of the stored data that is of your concern. The access is free of charge. Furthermore you have the right to object to specific measures of this privacy policy. You also may object against this privacy policy as a whole. It is your right to demad an immediate erasure of all stored data that is of your concern (e.g. email coresponcences).

Inquiries may be send to the person responsible which is mentioned under parapgraph 1.

6. Updates:
I reserve my right to change this privacy policy at any time when necessary. For example, this may be the case when the integration of new webside freatures requires the privacy policy to be updated. An updated privacy policy is valid immediately with the next access to this webside. Please keep yourself informed and check this privacy policy regulary.

7. Relevant regulatory authority:
In case of violation of your rights you have the right to appeal at the relevant regulatory authority. Contact person there is the federal data protection agent:

Dagmar Hartge
Stahnsdorfer Damm 77
14532 Kleinmachnw

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